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Find out the 4 main sources of  contamination at home! SANYTOL offers you the most effetive products to keep your home clean and your family safe.

Floors & Surfaces

Home is one of the places where people should pay more attention when it comes to hygiene and microbial contamination, being crucial in societies where people spend more than 75% of their time indoors.

Keeping your house properly disinfected with the right products is caring for you and your family’s well-being. Those surfaces in contact with our hands, food, and footwear are the ones more prone to getting contaminated  with undesirable external microorganisms which can cause several skin and respiratory diseases. Surfaces in contact with hands and food are powerful vectors for cross-contamination because they collect all types of germs. Floors and carpets are also possible vectors in that they are in contact with shoes, a source of external contamination (spit, excrement...).

A recent classification reveals four types of contamination dangers:


1. Damp rooms or certain objects in the house, where microbes can easily proliferate. We can name, for instance, the following: traps, pans, sinks, drains, etc. These places are very often colonized by highly pernicious external organisms, but a regular decontamination is enough to restrict the microbial risk.

2. Items used for either cleaning the body or the house will also accumulate an enormous amount of germs. Sponges, carpets, gloves, towels, tea towels, and brushes are part of the microbial pack. Permanently contaminated and damp, they favor the development of germs; thus, they could be considered some of the most relevant carriers of cross-contamination: everyone in the family uses them every day. The risk of contamination being high, they need to be cleaned on a daily basis.

3. Those surfaces in contact with hands or food are serious carriers too. They gather and scatter all types of germs around the house. Just for a moment think of all the surfaces and objects in contact with our hands, and afterwards, in contact with food:  handles, pans, bath, phones, chopping boards, the fridge, cooking utensils... If our hands and these surfaces are not taken care of properly it is very probable that the entire family will get infected.

4. Other surfaces: This last type of class  includes floors, rugs, surfaces of dining rooms, bedrooms, furniture, and different type of objects less  exposed to contamination