Pets can transmit diseases to your family. That is why we need to use disinfectant products at home like SANYTOL'S multi-purpose disinfectant.

Even if they are your pets

Be specially careful with the following:  

  • Be sure that your pets are vaccinated and treated for ticks, fleas, worms, and other parasites.
  • Feral animals must be approached carefully to avoid any risk or bite or scratch. After a scratch or a bite, disinfect with an antiseptic. If the bite came from an unknown animal, it is safe to show the bite to a doctor.
  • Avoid sleeping with an animal in your bed or in your room.
  • Avoid allowing your pet to eat from your plate, letting it lickyour face or pat it while eating.
  •  Wash and brush your pet regularly.
  •  After stroking your animal or touching an object commonly in contact with it, wash your hands with water and soap for at least one minute to get rid of all the microorganismes or, better yet, with a disinfectant soap like the disinfectant foam SANYTOL or the disinfectant moisturing soap Sanytol.
  • Litters,cages, textiles of pets' bed but also food bowls, and toys must be cleaned and regularly disinfected.