Pets (cats, dogs, guinea pigs, goldfish, etc.) are an integral part of everyday life. They live in our homes and sometimes sleep in our beds. However, domestic animals can be the vector of many pathogens or allergens that can cause more or less serious diseases in humans. Also, the presence of an animal in your home imposes some basic rules of hygiene, which are applicable to the animal itself, to the people around it and to the places where they live. 

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Other advice

  • After stroking or touching an animal, wash your hands in water with a SANYTOL soap for at least 20 second to kill all micro-organisms. If you do not have access to water, you can also use SANYTOL Disinfectant Gels or Wipes.
  • Make sure your pets are vaccinated and treated against ticks, fleas, worms and other parasites.
  • Animals that may bite or scratch must be approached with care to avoid any risk. Disinfect all scratches or bites with an antiseptic product. If the bite is from an unknown animal, it is best to see a doctor.
  • Avoid sleeping with an animal in its bed or in its room.
  • Avoid feeding your animal off your plate, allowing it to lick your face, and stroking it while eating.
  • Wash and brush your pet regularly.