SANYTOL, the expert in disinfection without bleach, kills 99,9% of Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses.

Disinfectant Stain Remover


Linen washed at low temperature is not completely free of microbes, and can be a source of bad smells and skin diseases or irritations. Only washing at 90°C eliminates all microbes in laundry.

SANYTOL, the experts in bleach-free disinfection, have developed a “Full Action” disinfectant stain remover that removes microbes, bad smells and stubborn stains above 30°C. Its enzyme-enriched formula penetrates the textile fibres and releases stain-removing agents for an impeccable result.

Suitable For

  • Underwear (lingerie, socks, briefs, pyjamas, etc.)
  • Sportswear (jogging pants, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Baby and children’s linen (bodysuits, bibs, breeches, etc.)
  • Household linen (towels, tea towels, sheets, bath mats, mops, etc.)
  • Linen in contact with sick people
  • Delicate laundry that cannot withstand high temperature washes
  • Textiles in contact with animals

Usage Advice

Use in the washing machine: Add 2 spoonfuls (60g) of stain remover to your usual detergent drawer and programme the wash cycle of your choice.
Hand use: Pour 4 L of warm water (30°C) into a bowl, add your usual detergent and dissolve 1 spoonful (30g) of stain remover. Soak the clothes for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally and then rinse thoroughly.

Use biocides carefully. Read the label and product information before use.

This product is designed to effectively remove

SANYTOL formulas are tested in a Microbiology Laboratory and comply with AFNOR and European standards for antimicrobial efficacy. They guarantee perfect hygiene and are active on:



Bacteria according to EN1276 norm (5 min).



Yeasts according to EN1650 norm on Candida Albicans (15 min)



Yeasts according to the EN1650 standard on Candida Albicans (15 min).