Cleaning the home with pets

Pets are now another member of families, and more and more households are enjoying the presence of some friendly animal.

However, our pets sometimes have small slips and may urinate in inappropriate places, such as on a sofa, a rug, or directly on the floor.

You are sure to have already seen how difficult it is to eliminate the smell of urine from your pet (dog, cat…) and if not, the time may come any day when you have to face the challenge that this implies. Bear in mind that the use of products such as bleach or ammonia can encourage cats to urinate in the place where the product has been applied, so it may be advisable to limit its use.

It is very important to eliminate the urine remains as soon as possible, to avoid leaving any type of stain or bad smell.

To remove smell-causing bacteria from urine residue, first scrub with a cloth moistened with water and detergent, and then remove excess moisture with a dry cloth. Once this is done, the Textile Disinfectant Deodorizer – Special Textiles is perfect to act directly on the focus of the bad smell thanks to its 3-in-1 formula that disinfects and purifies, eliminates the cause of bad smells and leaves a very pleasant fragrance. Thanks to its aerosol format, you can apply it directly on sofas and rugs, always respecting the spraying distance.

Thanks to this spray, in addition to eliminating the strong smell of urine, you can spray it in the air to eliminate the animal smell that can be found in homes despite your pet being regularly bathed and washed.

Your home will be free of bacteria and bad smells, despite any small accident that your pet may have, and there will only be a pleasant smell in the air.