The 11 tips for a baby and a pet to live in the same home

A pet at home requires measures of hygiene to ensure that possible germs from the animal are not passed on to our baby. More importantly, if we have dogs and newborn babies at home.

We give you 11 tips to make the coexistence of babies and pets pleasant and risk-free:

  1. Let your pet approach the baby to investigate and become familiar with them, but calmly when the baby comes home, and always under your supervision.
  2. Pay special attention to your pet’s hygiene. For example, you can file its nails in case it could accidentally scratch the baby when they are playing or clean its legs and nose well every time it comes in from the street.
  3. Have the pet promptly vaccinated and dewormed, doing all the usual check-ups with the vet to prevent it from catching any disease.
  4. Do not leave them both alone in the room without your supervision; the animal could unintentionally harm the baby.
  5. Bath your pet regularly. Always consult your vet to avoid overdoing the bathing, but bathing your pet will help to reduce the presence of germs in its body.
  6. Separate your pet’s toys from your baby’s. It is important that each one plays with their own and they are not mixed, since both can take them to their mouths and transfer the bacteria from one to the other.
  7. Keep your pet away from baby when he is eating. Mealtimes are very important, even more so for a baby. Try to make sure your pet is not in the room where you are feeding your baby so that there is no transmission of its germs to food.
  8. The place where the animal eats, drinks and relieves must not be accessible to the baby.
  9. Use floor mats for your baby to play on. This will avoid them being in direct contact with the area where your pet has been.
  10. Never wash your baby’s clothes with your pet’s blankets or toys at the same time. Separate the different washes. If you also add Laundry Disinfectant – White Flowers, you will kill 99.9% of bacteria.
  11. Do not settle for cleaning, you must disinfect. Given the presence of babies and animals, it is recommended that you use products from the Sanytol range. As it is a disinfectant that does not contain bleach, it is perfect for this case and will help you to disinfect clothes and all parts of your house safely and easily.

With these tips, your baby and your pet will live in harmony and become great friends.