How to eliminate mites

Mites are micro-organisms of the arachnid family that are present in dust and that generate allergic reactions in a large part of the population. These microscopic animals are found naturally in all fabrics, especially mattresses and pillows, as well as upholstery and rugs.

To prevent mites from causing health problems, we must clean the home correctly and thoroughly.

The first essential step to eliminate mites from your home is to air every room in your home, especially the bedrooms, every day. You should open the doors and windows for at least 15 minutes so that the air runs and is renewed.

Similarly, mattresses are one of the most common habitats of mites, so you should also air them frequently; try to do it every month or if possible every 2 weeks. There are also anti-dust mite covers that prevent the person from being in direct contact with these micro-organisms.

When washing sheets and other bedding, the ideal thing is to use water at a temperature above 60ºC, since it will be the only way to kill mites and hatchlings that may be there. It is also important to change them frequently to get rid of accumulated mites.

Furthermore, carpets and rugs also concentrate many mites, which is why it is recommended not to have many at home as far as possible, especially when there are people with sensitivity. If we have carpets in our home, it is important clean and maintain them properly.

There are acaricides (or anti-mite spray), chemical substances that eliminate mites, which are easy to find on the market and are not toxic to humans. However, allergic reactions come from two foci: from the faeces of the mites and from the dead mites themselves. That is why, even if you use acaricidal products, their skeletons can still cause allergy problems. Using acaricidal products to kill mites does not eliminate the allergens they generate and which are responsible for causing these allergies.

We give you some important tips to avoid the problems of these insects at home:

  • When cleaning dust, it is advisable to use a damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner that has a suitable filter installed, instead of using a duster or a dry cloth, to avoid dust mites and other dust particles being suspended in the air and resettling on the surfaces.
  • For daily cleaning and disinfection, we can use Sanytol Multi-Uses which helps to neutralise the allergenic substances that these bugs produce and that remain on the surfaces, helping to reduce allergic reactions.
  • For washable clothing (such as sheets, duvets, curtains, towels …) it is best to wash at high temperature (60ºC).
  • For mattresses, curtains, rugs, upholstery and other non-washable clothing, we can apply Textile Disinfectant Deodorizer – Special Textiles spray that helps reduce allergens on these surfaces and also eliminates bad smells.

With these tips, you can keep mites and their remains at bay.