How to disinfect your baby’s toys

It is common for children, and especially babies, to put objects in their mouths, to sleep with their stuffed animals or crawl on the floor, thus receiving a greater number of infections by contact with these objects or surfaces, even if they are inside the home.

Discover how to wash stuffed animals and disinfect hard toys, cloth toys or non-washable toys with these easy steps:

Steps to disinfect hard toys:

  1. If the toys are small and can come into contact with water and withstand high temperatures, they can be washed in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher at high temperature.
  2. If it is not possible to use the dishwasher, use Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Wipes – Eucalyptus since they are very practical and quick to use.
  3. For larger toys, if they do not contain batteries, wipe with a Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Wipes – Eucalyptus or a clean cloth with Multi-Purpose Disinfectant – Eucalyptus to disinfect.

In both cases, allow the product to work and then rinse with water before returning the toys to the baby.

Steps for washing stuffed animals and soft toys:

  1. These kinds of toys and stuffed animals usually allow for machine wash. We recommend adding 80ml of Laundry Disinfectant – White Flowers to the wash. Adding this dose to the softener compartment will ensure that they are disinfected since it kills 99.9% of the germs they contain.
  2. Select the usual washing cycle (minimum 20ºC). It is best to choose a short wash cycle with a minimum spin to avoid breaking the stuffed animal.
  3. Let the toys dry completely before returning them to your child. Dry these items in the open air as much as possible.

Tips for sanitising non-washable toys:

If the toy is not washable because it has a mechanism or is battery operated:

  1. Remove the batteries if it has them.
  2. Rub the outside of the toy with a soft-bristled brush (for example, a nail brush) with a little soap.
  3. Remove the soap with a wet rag until it is completely rinsed off.
  4. To eliminate mites, you can put toys in a bag in the freezer overnight.
  5. You can also tap the toy with an alcohol-soaked cloth and let it evaporate completely. It is very important not to impregnate the toy completely with alcohol.

If the toy is very dirty, it should be thrown away to protect your baby’s health.

Keeping germs away from your baby’s toys will be very easy thanks to these tips. Now that you know how to wash stuffed animals and disinfect all your baby’s toys, you will have greater peace of mind when you see that they are playing with clean toys that are free of germs and bacteria.