How are towels washed?

When putting on washing machines, we should not only think about the clothes but also the sheets, the kitchen cloths, and many other textiles that we have at home, especially the towels.

Although to some people it may seem that washing towels is often not necessary because we use them on our freshly washed body and they do not get dirty, there is nothing further from the truth. More than dirt itself, dead cells or body fluids are deposited on the towels, which, though not visible to the naked eye, are there and contain a number of bacteria. The problem is that the towels are usually ideal places for their growth since they contain various elements that help their proliferation: humidity and warm temperatures.

This is why it is important to know how often towels should be washed and thus avoid problems caused by germs, such as bad smells.

There is no fixed rule that tells us how often we should wash the towels, it all depends on the conditions.

Below, we indicate in which cases you will have to wash them frequently (every 2 or 3 days):

  • If you cannot stretch them out to dry them well.
  • If the environment they are in does not have ventilation or tends to gather a lot of damp. If you live in a high humidity area.
  • A bidet towel should be washed much more frequently than a shower towel.
  • In cases of contagious diseases (fungi, flu, conjunctivitis, candidiasis, etc.), you must have a separate towel for those affected and change it every 2 days at most.

On the other hand, when the towels smell bad it is usually a sign of bacteria, so washing them will not be enough, you should disinfect them too. To disinfect thoroughly, use Laundry Disinfectant – White Flowers, which eliminates 99.9% of germs and also leaves a pleasant aroma. Add it to your laundry and you will see how your towels come out clean, disinfected and scented. Sanytol textile disinfectant does not contain bleach, so your towels will not suffer the traditional damage that bleach caused to textiles. What’s more, if you can leave your towels to dry in the sun, the disinfection will be even more effective. Here are some
tricks to prevent your towels producing a bad smell and to limit the growth of bacteria:

  • Dry them in the sun whenever possible.
  • Do not put them in the laundry basket if they are still wet. If you are not going to wash them straight away, make sure they are thoroughly dry before putting them in the basket, because it could make the smell worse and transfer it to other clothes.
  • Make sure that the place where you store them is dry and without much humidity.

Bear in mind that you should wash your towels several times a week, so don’t forget to have spare towels at home to make sure that you always have a clean and disinfected one to use.

Remember that not only sheets and towels are a focus of viruses and bacteria. Other objects that we use each day become dirty and can transmit diseases, such as kitchen towels, bathroom mats or curtains.