How to disinfect clothes, including colours

Throughout the day, our clothes come into contact with germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi that are all around us. To protect our skin, our clothes must be correctly sanitised by carrying out a disinfection.

It is important to know that a low temperature wash does not completely eliminate germs and that these micro-organisms cause bad smells on clothes and can contribute to the appearance of diseases.

Traditionally, a small amount of bleach was added to the detergent in washing machines to disinfect textiles, but its continued use could damage and discolour garments, as well as leaving the characteristic smell of bleach.

To correctly sanitise your clothes, Sanytol offers Disinfectant Stain Remover without bleach that, in addition to eliminating stains, kills 99.9% of germs, leaving the laundry perfectly clean, disinfected and scented.

With Sanytol, you can eliminate stains and germs on your white and coloured garments as of 20ºC, by including one or two scoops of product in your washes.

Keeping your clothes germ-free is very simple and important and is particularly recommended for people with sensitive skin, such as young children, the elderly or even when there have been people sick at home.