How to eliminate the musty smell from clothes?

Surely you have sometimes noticed that unpleasant musty smell on your clothes, even after washing them. This is because although the clothes appear to be clean, they contain germs that cause the bad smell and which have not disappeared in the wash.

To prevent this from happening, in 5 steps we explain how you can remove the musty smell from clothing and kill the germs that cause it.

5 steps to remove the musty smell from clothes

1. Separate musty clothes from the rest to avoid cross contamination of germs and thus prevent the rest of your clothes from becoming contaminated.

To disinfect clothes you have 2 options, depending on the specified wash:

2.a) Washing in very hot water (above 60ºC) is a good way to kill germs and bad smells.
2.b) If you want to avoid a high temperature wash to save expensive energy, or your clothes do not allow it, use Sanytol Textile Disinfectant, which is effective above 20ºC.

3. If you choose the disinfectant, put the clothes in the washing machine and add 80ml of Laundry Disinfectant – White Flowers in the softener compartment to benefit from its full disinfecting power. This product is very careful with your clothes, so you will not have to worry.

4. Hang the laundry when the wash is finished. This is ideally done outdoors in the sun as soon as the wash is finished. If this is not possible, hang clothes inside your home but make sure that the room is well aired.

5. Remove the clothing when it is completely dry. It is very important not to store the clothes if they are still damp or in naturally damp places, because your clothes will end up picking up this
smell from the bacteria that cause it.

With these simple steps, and thanks to Laundry Disinfectant – White Flowers, you will eliminate 99.9% of the germs in your clothes, fighting the bacteria that cause the musty smell in clothes and leaving a pleasant and lasting fresh aroma.

You just have to adapt your washes to your new routine with Sanytol and your laundry will not have a bad musty smell again. Disinfection must be present in all household routines, including washing clothes, since they are in direct contact with our body, and in this way we will prevent the bacteria and micro-organisms they may contain from ending up on our skin.