How to eliminate bad smells from car upholstery and sofas?

As you already know, many of the bad smells found in our homes are due to the presence of micro-organisms, such as germs and bacteria. Their existence manifests itself with that unpleasant smell and the way to get rid of it is through thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Disinfection is complicated when the surfaces to be treated present certain cleaning difficulties. This is the case of car upholstery and sofas, which cannot usually be removed to put them in the washing machine.

So how do you remove the bad smell from car upholstery?

  1. In the case of cars, you often try to mask the smell with powerful air fresheners, but the effort is wasted because the bacteria are still there. Not being able to remove the upholstery from the car to clean it, you can directly apply Textile Disinfectant Deodorizer – Special Textiles on the areas that give off the bad smell. Its formula will act on germs, killing 99.9% of them without harming the upholstery. It also leaves a pleasant aroma.
  2. When the bad smell appears on the sofa upholstery, it is often due to the presence of pets, children’s wee, sweat… The steps for removing the smell from sofa upholstery are as follows:
    1. Check whether it is possible to remove it. If so, you can wash the cover in the washing machine and use the textile disinfectant that Sanytol includes within its range and which is very effective in eliminating bad smells.
    2. If you cannot remove it, you can also use Laundry Disinfectant – White Flowers. In this way, you will be able to get to the root of the bad smells, by applying it about 25cm from the surface.

Removing the smell from the car upholstery or removing the bad smell from the sofa may seem difficult, but with the right products you will be able to disinfect the upholstery, whether or not it can be removed, without damaging it and thus keeping the germs that cause the bad smell at bay.