Why do our feet smell?

Bad smell in the feet is a problem that many people suffer from and is difficult to solve in many cases.

We explain why they smell and how to combat the problem as soon as possible.

First of all, you should know that there are more than 250,000 sweat glands on our feet and it is therefore not surprising that they occasionally give off a bad smell.

The bad smell in the feet is due to the presence and activity of bacteria and fungi. Bacteria on the surface of the skin break down the sweat and feed on dead skin cells and on the skin’s own oils, producing the bad smell in feet through this metabolism.

The bad smell increases when there is excessive sweating, but this is not always due to a lack of hygiene, although taking particular care when washing can help to control it.

These are the causes of excessive sweating:

  • Fungal and bacterial infections on the feet. This is one of the causes of bad smell that we must most take into account. In this case, it is important that we treat the infection as soon as possible.
  • Hormonal causes. These occur especially in adolescence and puberty, although we can find them at any time in life. The continuous changes in our body cause waste to be produced that is expelled from our body through the sweat glands and can cause the bad smell.
  • Stress or anxiety. Disorders in our mood generate a release of hormones
    that stimulate the glands that generate sweat and therefore enhance it.
  • Eating. There are foods that in breaking down give rise to odoriferous molecules, which are eliminated through the sweat and enhance the bad smell. Foods of this type can be herbs, coffee, spice, onion or garlic.
  • Pharmacological treatments. Some have sweating as a side effect.
  • Use of inappropriate footwear. Many types of footwear do not favour foot perspiration due to their
    synthetic materials.

Tips to control the bad smell:

  1. Wash your feet every day and dry them very well
  2. Change socks daily and more than once if necessary because there is a lot of sweating.
  3. Use drying powders inside the footwear to avoid excess moisture.
  4. Disinfect footwear to eliminate bacteria that accumulate there and generate a persistent bad smell if not eradicated.

If your feet smell bad and your shoes also smell bad, you should disinfect them, because the bacteria in the shoes are what produce the bad smell. To fight the root problem and eliminate smell-causing bacteria, use Shoe Disinfectant – Fresh Scent. It is an exclusive product for the interior of footwear that acts intensely at the root of the problem, thus eliminating the bad smell from the shoes. It is very effective against bacteria such as staphylococcus epidermidis and other viruses and fungi such as athlete’s foot or ringworm.