What produces the bad smell in our homes?

When cleaning our home, we have more or less clear daily or weekly routines that allow us to maintain apparently correct hygiene. However, a bad smell always shows that this cleaning has not been as thorough as it should have been.

We often try to cover it with perfumes and fragrances that only hide it. Once this masking ends, the smell comes back.

Eliminating bad smells in the home is easy if we do the exercise of reflecting on its origin: when we clean the kitchen, bathroom, living room… are we disinfecting thoroughly?

Bad smells very often come from the presence of bacteria. If after cleaning they are still present, it means that we have not disinfected properly and these organisms are still there.

Eliminating bad smells in the kitchen will be easy if we focus our cleaning on the area of the sink and the cloths and scouring pads, as we discussed in a post. By using Multi-Purpouse Disinfectant Kitchen in the sink area to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria called biofilm and cleaning the cloths and scouring pads with this product in hot water, you will notice that the bad smells of the kitchen disappear.

If what you want is to eliminate bad smells in the bathroom, the Active Bathroom Disinfectant Foam – Eucalyptus will be your ally in areas such as drains, the toilet and the taps. It will help you effortlessly remove limescale, dirt and to disinfect. Focus particularly on the glass where we usually place the toothbrushe because the biofilm usually appears in this area and is a focus of bad smells to be treated in this area of the house.

By disinfecting the kitchen and bathroom you will end with a large number of the germs in your home, but there are other areas to treat that we sometimes overlook and that can also gather bacteria: the living room.

It is in the lounge where we spend a large amount of the time and it is very much in contact with the bacteria that we bring in from outside.

To end with the presence of these bad smells, we must take the following steps:

  1. Locate the area to be treated
  2. Deep clean this area
  3. Use a specific product for textiles, such as Sanytol Home and Textile Disinfectant Spray. It will help you to disinfect the carpet tissue while purifying the environment to ensure perfect hygiene and the end of the bad smell produced by these little daily altercations.

As you can see, keeping your home disinfected and free of bad smells is much easier than you think.