How to eliminate the bad smell in the fridge?

The fridge accumulates amounts of food waste that can be filled with micro-organisms since, despite the fact that the cold slows down the activity of these micro-organisms, refrigeration does not imply their elimination and some micro-organisms can survive and even grow, such as fungi and some bacteria, and produce a bad smell. We can even easily find mould in the refrigerator’s joints, a dark and humid space, which we must eliminate in time to prevent it from multiplying.

What can we do when the fridge smells bad?

First, unplug the fridge. Empty it and throw away food that you are not going to consume or that has gone off.

Thorough cleaning should be done on each shelf and compartment. Use a disinfectant that does not damage materials such as Multi-Purpose Disinfectant – Eucalyptus. Simply spray on the surface and after a few minutes rinse the area as it is a space in contact with food. In this way you will kill 99.9% of bacteria and fungi.

If the bad smell comes from the outside the refrigerator, it is possibly due to a water leak from the tubes or excess water in the condenser, which is located under the refrigerator, which can concentrate bacteria or allow mould to grow.

Pull the condenser pan out from under the fridge and rinse away the dirt and mould. Then, scrub the entire surface well with Sanytol and allow it to dry.

In this way we will have eliminated all traces of bad smells through deep disinfection, but we must prevent a bad smell from appearing again. The best way is to keep food in closed containers or wrapped in transparent film and, above all, to regularly clean the appliance.

It is very important that we keep our fridge hygienic, since it is calculated that 50% of cases of domestic food poisoning are due to incorrect hygiene in the kitchen.

You will find that keeping your fridge clean is much easier than you thought.